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Are you looking to heal yourself at all levels?

Or wanting to learn a new healing practice and expand your business as a Soul Renewal Practitioner?

Heidi Nordlund empowers and assists spiritually connected beings who are ready to take their unique gifts and abilities to a higher level, serve more clients and make a greater impact in this world.

Heidi is a Certified Ayurvedic Doctor, Yoga Therapist, Tibetan Cranial Practitioner, Spiritual Healer and Medical Intuitive using Lightning Soul Renewal Processes, Illuminating Discernment, Ayurveda, Yoga, Tibetan Astral Healing and Tibetan Cranial to assist you in raising your vibration, healing at all levels, becoming magnetic and accessing your unique healing gifts and abilities.

Heidi is currently offering healing sessions, virtual processes and training programs to help you achieve your health, well-being and happiness goals.

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Free yourself from the bondage of shame, blame and guilt!

Experience the joy of high energy, enthusiasm and excitement for life!

Be in the flow of wonderful opportunities and abundance, great health and happiness, lots of authentic laughter!

Feel connected and supported!

Celebrate loving relationships and friendships!

Know and trust that you are a gifted healer making the difference and impact that you are here to do!


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"Heidi’s Tibetan Astral Healing Session was an extremely powerful and effective healing for myself and my process. Seasoned in personal and professional growth, I am highly selective in who I work with. The session provided a flood of energy into my system, rebalanced my masculine and feminine energies and supported me to come into alignment with my next level. I highly recommend Heidi’s process for anyone looking to supercharge their souls mission and to come into alignment with the the truth of who they are." ~ Michelle, Chicago, Il.

"It’s transformative! It’s liberating! You can break through troubling patterns in your life! You can be free! I now feel light, bright, and exhilarated! I feel expansive and limitless! Heidi is a guide who has strength in her presence, energizes your healing, and motivates you to go bigger - expand brighter than you ever thought possible! ” Lucia F., Brighton, CO

“I am encouraged and uplifted, at peace and calm with myself and my surroundings. Heidi makes it fun and easy to let go of old patterns, contracts, pain and things that no longer serve us.” Laura D., CO 

"My physical body has been transformed from the inside out in just two months of work with her." Candica B., Denver, CO

“One of the most gifted healers I’ve ever encountered.” Leigh B., CO

"Through her excellent intuitive ability and her most compassionate, empathetic and astute sense of observation, she truly starts you on your own invaluable, individual journey to healing yourself on all levels." J.J., Albany, NY

Healing Your Body & Mind Is Your Choice ~ Make It Now!