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Mobile Meditator Inflatable Meditation Cushion

Inquire about Ayurvedic Herbal Preparations: medicated ghee (ghrtam), nasya oil, hair oil, tinctures, teas, tablets, spice mixes, massage oils, and herbal formulations.



Astral Healing Sessions

Journey into profound balance and well-being.

What you experience in a session has an infinite range of possibilities. It is a dynamic and transformational experience to help you shift from a consciousness of pain and limitation to a consciousness of endless transformational possibilities.

In addition to healing your physical body, astral healing offers the possibility to work out circumstances and experiences that you are unable to work out in your physical life.

Call Heidi at 720-771-8534 to find out if you are able to receive Astral Healing.
Heidi is aware that this healing is not for everyone.

Healing Your Body Is Your Choice ~ Make It Now!

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"I am feeling soooo much better.  What a difference-I am so grateful and appreciative of your work.Mary W., Longmont, CO

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Tibetan Cranial® Sessions  

Treat yourself or a loved one to a unique experience.

  • Relieve pain

  • Return into balance

  • Release deep seated emotions

  • Enjoy a whole new level of relaxation

  • Achieve optimal Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) for optimal health and well-Being

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"So much gratitude to you for an AMAZING Tibetan Cranial session today! I can't recommend your work enough! My crown chakra is open and bright and my jaw is relaxed and renewed...thank you Heidi!!" Shanti M., Boulder, CO

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Ayurvedic Consultations

Sign up for a total life make-over

Initial includes: 

  • 2 hours private Initial Consultation with Heidi Nordlund
  • Detailed dietary, lifestyle, herbal recommendations and suitable cleansing procedures for your unique Ayurvedic mind-body type 
Follow-Up appointments
  • Receive the support and guidance you need
    to stay on track with your health regimen.
  • One hour private consultation with Heidi Nordlund.



"The wisdom and sense of inner ease attained through Heidi's professionalism, knowledge of Ayurveda and most of all her own wisdom, are priceless. My physical body has been transformed from the inside out in just two months of work with her. I feel blessed, confident and hopeful about my health and wellbeing in despite of Drs. Outlook." Candice B., Denver, CO 

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Ask Heidi A Question

Receive the support and assistance that you are looking for from Heidi Nordlund. 

As you create your question, please be specific, the clearer you are, the more accurate and powerful the results.

Your question should be no more than 7-10 words long, excluding "and" "or" "but".

When your payment is verified, your Divine answer will be shared with you in confidence within 48 hours.

CLICK HERE to submit your question.

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The Mobile Meditator™ Inflatable Meditation Cushion

Mindfully designed for use at home and for travel. This crescent shaped cushion has three easily adjustable separate chambers allowing customized size, comfort and stability.

Mobile Meditator is designed for comfort and relaxation during meditation and quiet reflection. While originally conceived for travel, it quickly becomes the preferred cushion for everyday meditation.


• Ergonomically designed for comfort
• Lightweight for travel
• Compact - carry it anywhere
• Fully adjustable to suit each sitter's preference
• Inflates and deflates in seconds
• Individual chambers provide stability even when partially inflated.

Mobile Meditator is the first fully inflatable meditation cushion on the market.

It is designed by meditators for meditators - and for anyone who sits on the ground. Mobile Meditator is ready for everyday use: daily meditations, trekking in the Himalayas, backpacking, camping, sitting on the beach, attending a class, or just hanging out. It is durable enough for every day use and can be used outdoors.

Sit in comfort anywhere, any place, any time!

Mobile MeditatorTM can be used on chairs, airplane seats and cars to add extra lumbar support. It can also be used as a sleeping pillow.

Additional features: 
• Three separate inflatable, adjustable air chambers
• Forward slant supports posture and balance
• Alleviates pressure on knees, hips and ankles
• Soft and conforming to body for enhanced relaxation
• Perfect for use as an everyday cushion
• Flocked fabric prevents slipping
• Durable and washable
• Carry case included

Available in Purple, Black, Dark Red and Orange

Purchase your cushion HERE>

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